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42 Weeks Pregnant VS 2 Days PP. I am okay with this progress so far.

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My midwife made me feel much better though
I felt like I was letting everyone (including myself) down by being induced.
She really helps make me feel better and told me there was no judgment and that if she was as pregnant as I was she’d probably do the same thing.
She said… Everyone is different. There will be some moms who can make it to 43 weeks and that’s great for them. But we each have our own limits. Our bodys tell us things, and if you’re feeling like you can’t take it anymore, it’s probably because your body can’t take it anymore, and it needs a little help. You don’t need to feel ashamed because you need help. You should feel proud that you’re strong enough to make it this far, and strong enough to say ‘okay I’ve had enough’ because not many woman can even make it to 42 weeks. You’re doing amazing, you’ve done everything right. You just need some help and that’s perfectly fine.

And idk
I feel a lot better now.
I’m sill going to do everything in my power to get this baby out naturally and so I can have the birth I wanted.
But the fact that I might have to be induced isn’t a sad thing for me anymore. Even though it’s not the way I WANTED to do things, it might just the way I have to.
And that’s okay :3

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In case you guys were wondering… I’m 42 weeks pregnant. Which means my baby is two weeks over due. Which means its pretty much impossible to sleep, I pee every two seconds, my tummy bumps into things because I don’t realize how large it is, my stretch marks have blisters and bleed sometimes, I lose my balance very easy, and I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to breathe normal… i mean i get out of breath just from walking to the bathroom. This isnt fun anymore ..I’m kind of sick of being pregnant lol
Idk if you can really see
It was hard to get a picture
But these are all the blisters I’m getting all over my stretchmarks from being stretched too much :( 
They’re painful

Mathew just put EPO in my vag for me.

Because I have little fingers and I can’t get it in as deep as it needs to be.
When someone will put things in you vagina for you..
That’s love

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I just don’t know how much longer I SHOULD wait.

When I go in on Monday I’ll be 42 weeks, and we’ll plan for an induction. 

what day should I plan for? 

Should I try and wait longer? should I have them plan it for Wednesday or Thursday? (January 2 or 3rd) 

or is that too soon? (that will be 42 weeks + 2-3)

Should I plan for like Saturday or Sunday (January 5 or 6th) that will put me at (pretty much) 43 weeks. 

or is waiting that long too unsafe

I just don’t know how long I should wait. 

I just want my baby to be healthy. 

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This is a really long post. I’m talking about my feelings of induction. okay.

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They said my cervix isn’t soft enough or dilated enough to be induced and that if they tried it would probably end in c-section. 
They want me to spend the weekend trying to get my cervix soft and dilated (like I haven’t done that already..) and then on Monday they’re gonna check to see if I made progress (and do a stretch and sweep if possible) and if not they’ll start planning for a hospital induction for later in the week.

Oh hey look at that, more bleeding stretchmarks.

Honestly I feel like Ellia is trying to break out of my stomach by ripping it apart.
I’m so scared to see how my body looks when I’m done being pregnant.
Although, it feels like I’m never going to be done being pregnant…

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all people keep saying to me is “Omg why are they letting you go so late?! why aren’t you being induced?! when are they inducing you?!?! INDUCE INDUCE INDUCE” 

Yes she’s 11 days late.

maybe my baby isn’t done cooking yet.

she’ll come when she’s ready

shes still healthy and getting lots of food from inside of me 

why would i force her out before she’s ready? 

I hate how “natural” it is for people to get induced 

it’s so annoying

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So as you all know I went for my ultrasound and nonstress test to make sure ellia is okay today 
we finally got a picture of her face! they gave it to us in 3d and I wasn’t expecting it at all and 
ugh she looks so much like mathew it’s fucking crazy 
I love her so much I can’t wait to kiss those chubby cheeks! Come on ellia
11 days late. 
Not acceptable. 

Also midwife appointment today

Fingers crossed that they’ll do a natural TYPE induction (meaning no pitocin or other drugs)
Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to set an induction date!
If not I’m going to go crazy.
I didn’t want to be induced at all at first but now…
I honestly believe my body just needs a hint. A little nudge in the right direction. To get things started. I wanted a completely natural birth, but.. It’s natural to need help. :)

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41 weeks … Come on Ellia this is getting crazy.

Well i just took 2 tbs of Castor oil.

When I took 1 last time it did nothing for me didn’t even make me go to the bathroom. 

I just took it like a champ this time. 

Mixed it with some really really chocolate milk and just CHUGGED

then brushed my teeth to get the nasty taste out lol 

lets hope this does something because I need my baby like ASAP. 

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